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Milestone Motorsport Engineering was founded in 1999 by proprietor Ken Polkinghorne, as a result of many years experience tuning BL Minis and Vauxhall/Opel cars.

The company has evolved from an amateur interest in local Clubman level motor sport, rally car, hill climb/sprint car and kit car construction, to the manufacture and professional construction of kit cars, single seat racing cars and silhouette special saloons. 

In recent years the company's interests have included the installation of Renault turbo engines in mid-engine kit cars.  The development of Motorcycle engines and the Toyota 1600cc 4AGE (phase 4) 20 valve engine for installation in front engine, rear wheel drive kit cars and clubman single seat racing cars. 

Ken's original interest in motor sport in the early 1980's was fuelled by a locally owned, and raced, Imp engined Maguire Mini hill climb/sprint car.  Now twenty odd years later Milestone Motorsport Engineering is the home of the UltiMini, a tribute to the silhouette   special saloon racing Minis of this era.


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