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Body Styling Options



     Clubman Style front



Round Style front


2- piece Twin Cam front


The Clubman and the Round style fronts were both originally designed to house the standard transversely mounted "A series" engine/gearbox found in the original Mini.  These fronts with their raised bonnet line will easily accommodate specialist 8 port and 16 valve cross-flow cylinder heads as well as other engines mated to the Mini transmission such as Ford and Hillman Imp etc.

Alternatively either style will also facilitate the installation of most modern motorcycle engine/gearbox combinations in transverse (FWD) format.  In addition many popular 4 cylinder "car" engines could also be mounted longitudinally to allow a front engine-rear wheel drive set-up.

The 2-Piece Twin Cam front was originally designed to cover the Toyota 4AGE 16valve/20valve engines however it will also accommodate the Rover "K series" and a number of modern 8 & 16valve FWD "car" engine combinations.

The standard 2-Piece Round front is  similar to the Twin Cam front, but without the raised section for the cam wheels.  This slightly reduces the frontal area whilst still maintaining the wheel arch extensions and is intended to suit a mid-engine RWD "Bike" engine installation.

In standard form any of one these body combinations will enable the fitment of 9" x 13" front wheel rims and 8" x 13" rears.  The intermediate rear arch panels will allow fitment of 9" x 13" rear wheels.  The wide rear arch panels will accommodate 10" x 13" rear rims. The rim sizes quoted can all be fitted with conventional profile racing slick tyres within the confines of the appropriate body work.


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