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The following Gallery is a tribute to the skill of the designers/constructors and owners/drivers of some of the amazing Mini based Silhouette Special Saloons constructed and raced over the last three decades.  Predominantly the cars shown will be either Maguire Minis designed and built by the legendary John Maguire or DFR Falcon Minis designed and built by Dave Forster.  All pictures included in this gallery have been provided with the kind permission of their owners.


This immaculate Imp engined Maguire Mini was originally owned and raced by Dave Datson. Stored at that time in the village where I live.  This car was responsible for my interest in Special Saloons and Silhouette Cars in general, but more specifically in space-framed Maguire Minis.  It is also the reason that I purchased the Falcon Mini project which I renamed the "UltiMini".








Dave Forster's stunning DFR space-frame car that started the Falcon Mini project.




Phil Hepworth's awesome Toyota 4AGE 16V powered Falcon Mini race-car with it's Twin Cam 2 Piece Front.









Bertie Wright's DFR Falcon Mini in racing trim.






The Jack Knight Special Saloon Minis circuit racing.




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