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The UltiMini is a dedicated space framed special saloon racing car in the style of the silhouette racing Minis of the 1980's.

The standard jig built round/square tube chassis is constructed from 18swg ERW hollow tube with the roll cage assembly manufactured from 38mm diameter CDS.

The UltiMini has the option of three different body styles (Clubman, Round and 2-piece Round) with a further option of three widths of rear wheel arches to accommodate up to 10" wide x 13" diameter rear wheels.

The UltiMini utilises GRP bodywork in either lightweight or ultra-lightweight form to create the iconic Mini silhouette.

The UltiMini is designed to accept the venerable Austin/Morris/BL "A series" engine/gearbox as it's power-plant in front wheel drive format, with the standard 5 port Siamese or 8 port & 16 valve cross-flow cylinder heads as an option.  Other engines such as the Toyota 4AGE, Rover "K series", Vauxhall 2.0 XE and Honda VTEC can, and have been installed in this chassis.

The UltiMini chassis can even be modified to accept most modern Motorcycle engine/gearbox combinations and, as such, can be installed in either transverse FWD or mid-engine RWD configurations.


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